This show has three segments: Segment 1: Exploration of how we can end racism in a Ted Talk by Cynthia Sylva Parker. She shares her stories of what she has learned from her studies of this topic. Learn what skillsets we need to cultivate.

Segment 2:  A story from a Nigerian female, Mami Salami on the stories she heard growing up and her experiences with her grandmothers: one was Nigerian, the other was from Finland. She explores how we can radically change the narratives of our youth.

Segment 3: "Miseducation of our youth" from an African American male that was shoved into working with you from his artistic background. Learn how he had to meet students at their level and establish some order out of the chaos. 

We will finish Segment 3 on the next One Human Nation Show, May 23, 2019.

This One Human Nation Show will take a closer look at the Freedman's Bureau and tracing genealogy of poor whites and blacks. Inspired by watching the PBS series about reconstruction. This was a moment in history providing an opportunity to reconciliation and healing. Learn more about how to use these records.


Learn more about another time in our history, the internment of over 110,000 Japanese-Americans. How does this history compare to descendants of enslaved African-Americans.


Listen to this show about College admissions from a clip from a competitor of the master mind in this fraudulent activity to admit wealth students in elite schools. Listen to a and response from students. Also will share information about this challenge from a blog from 2018, entitled "Do Not Move off the Sidewalk Challenge.

One Human Nation Show shares info about health disparities between whites and people of color in USA with lecture from Dr. Cooper. Plus, learn more about gaps in critical consciousness and mindsets in adults and students in schools prevent providing equitable schooling experiences for all students - a lecture by Dorinda Carter Andrews.

Listen to Master Story Teller Lillian Grant-Baptiste share her stories about racism and her path to resilience, resistance, and reconciliation. Learn tips on how Lillian brings her gift of story teller to youth to guide with building identity in the African-American tradition. Lillian provides her expertise establishing community resources and training modules that foster an environment of empowerment for disadvantaged families and youth. A consummate professional and visionary leader who is highly capable of organizing outreach efforts. Proven excellence collaborating with community-based organizations to promote positive change and to connect citizens to resources.







January 18, 2019

OHN Show Aired Jan 17,2019

Have you experienced racism at work? Listen to this show to hear stories shared about racism in the workplace.What can you do either as an observer or as a direct recipient of racism in the workplace?

Watch this video about GM and racism in the workplace from two African-American supervisors.


January 11, 2019

OHN Show Aired Jan 10, 2019

A new segment for the One Human Nation Show for sharing your answer to the "question of the month" starts on the next show.

Also, listen to learn more about this segment and how to navigate through our roles in undoing racism. Pick up tips and listen to a story from someone becoming aware of race in their teens while in Africa.

Share your answer to this question:  If you are white, how would your life be different if you were born in this country as an African-American? Vice-versa – if you are Black and born in this country, how would your life have been different if you were born white?

You can share your answer in three ways. Select the way that works the best to protect your anonymity:

1) Call in to live show on Thursdays during the first 15 minutes. Call in number will be provided on the show. Recommend writing down your answer prior to calling in the radio show. One Human Show airs Thursdays, 5pm EST 107.5FM Savannah or Streaming at

2) Email your answer to:

3) Post your answer on FB Private Group. Note: If we are not friends on FB I will not be able to add you to the group. Email your request to join the group along with the email address used when you first joined FB.

Thank you for your commitment to undoing racism in this country. 

Sandy Battise, Host of One Human Nation Show



Listen to this show to learn more about undoing racism by finding your voice. Insights from clips from Dr. Camara Jones from a Ted Talk, looking with a new lens with four allegories. Gain more confidence on engaging in difficult conversations. The next show will talk more about your role if you are engaged with undoing racism. 

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Listen to this show to learn how to manage being "awake" to the truth about our history of racism in this country. This may be a stressful time for some as we navigate through the holiday season. If you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering how to process all of the race related events that occurred in 2018, this show may be beneficial. 

We have been asleep, but now "awake" to the reality of the democratic system in this country and the propaganda of believing in the "American Dream".



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