August 2, 2019

OHN Show August 1, 2019

Listen to this show to meet one of the new co-host, Louis Clausi, representing the white male perspective. We listen to a short clip from Robin DiAngelo entitled, "White Fragility.


July 19, 2019

OHN Show July 18, 2019

Listen to this show to hear the stories from our special guest Kareem M. He shares his stories on name identity, workplace racism, and code switching.



July 12, 2019

OHN July 11, 2019

Listen to this interview with Louis Clausi to learn more about his journey through his eyes as a rebel, not conforming to the norm. Louis grew up in Brooklyn and has an interesting insight during his growing up years.

To listen to the clip by Travis Jones on youtube, TED Talk,  "Using Your Privilege to Fight Racism".




June 27, 2019

OHN ShowJune 27,2019

Listen to this show to learn insights from African-American male guest, Sean. He is born and raised in Savannah and we discovered we attended the same high school at different times. One of his comments that this is the 21st century and no one owes him anything. He shares stories about his Mom's influence and his sister's influence in how he walks through life. It's awesome so please take a listen


June 27, 2019

OHN ShowJune 20, 2019

This show has two segments:

Segment 1:  History of Juneteenth

Segment 2 : Discussion about Reparations




This show has three segments: Segment 1: Exploration of how we can end racism in a Ted Talk by Cynthia Sylva Parker. She shares her stories of what she has learned from her studies of this topic. Learn what skillsets we need to cultivate.

Segment 2:  A story from a Nigerian female, Mami Salami on the stories she heard growing up and her experiences with her grandmothers: one was Nigerian, the other was from Finland. She explores how we can radically change the narratives of our youth.

Segment 3: "Miseducation of our youth" from an African American male that was shoved into working with you from his artistic background. Learn how he had to meet students at their level and establish some order out of the chaos. 

We will finish Segment 3 on the next One Human Nation Show, May 23, 2019.

This One Human Nation Show will take a closer look at the Freedman's Bureau and tracing genealogy of poor whites and blacks. Inspired by watching the PBS series about reconstruction. This was a moment in history providing an opportunity to reconciliation and healing. Learn more about how to use these records.


Learn more about another time in our history, the internment of over 110,000 Japanese-Americans. How does this history compare to descendants of enslaved African-Americans.


Listen to this show about College admissions from a clip from a competitor of the master mind in this fraudulent activity to admit wealth students in elite schools. Listen to a and response from students. Also will share information about this challenge from a blog from 2018, entitled "Do Not Move off the Sidewalk Challenge.

One Human Nation Show shares info about health disparities between whites and people of color in USA with lecture from Dr. Cooper. Plus, learn more about gaps in critical consciousness and mindsets in adults and students in schools prevent providing equitable schooling experiences for all students - a lecture by Dorinda Carter Andrews.

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